Tournament FAQ's


Why don’t you do what “X” venue does?

Anvil is on its way to becoming a series of community-run tournaments throughout the region with the goal to standardize rulesets across multiple games/platforms. We’re more than happy to work with other venues, tournaments, and tournament organizers to standardize rulesets across multiple games/platforms.

At the time of this being written, we’re focusing heavily on expanding our reach to include as many locals as would like to participate and focusing on the growth of our community while maintaining the integrity of the venue and growth of Anvil Gaming as an eSports service provider.

Why wasn’t I seeded higher/lower?

  • We try very hard to ensure that everyone gets a seed that is equivalent to the player’s standing based on objective knowledge and utilizing prior brackets from other locals.
  • You were playing your friend, mentioned it, and we had to move you higher or lower in the bracket to ensure this discrepancy was remediated.
  • You changed your tag.
  • You’re an out of towner that didn’t check in with the front desk and/or validate your standings within the bracket when bracket review warnings were announced.