Friday Night Magic - Magic: The Gathering in Richmond


What is it?

Friday Night Magic is a time honored tradition within the Magic: The Gathering community.  Magic is a trading card game that utilizes five different colors:  Red, Blue, Green, Black, and White.  Each of these colors have a strength and a weakness.  Part of the fun of playing Magic is finding new ways to shut down opponents and walking away from the table victorious.

Don't know how to play...

There are two major hurdles for most players to get over.  The first:  "I don't know how to play".  Don't let that stop you!  Our community is incredibly friendly and goes out of it's way to help teach new players the ropes and bolster collections to improve decks and, subsequently, win rates!

The second:  "Isn't Magic: The Gathering that card game all the nerds played back in high school?"  The answer to that is yes!  Magic is not for the faint of heart.  It takes a lot of strategy and creativity to create a good, playable deck.  Those "nerds" back in high school probably had much higher grades than you and I did with this mentality.  ;)

Drafting until the heavy weights show up...

Most Magic communities are incredibly loyal to their stores and that's great!  We're building ourselves from the ground up using a method of casual play that also helps players bolster their collections with super cool rares, and cards needed in the current standard (and sometimes extended!).

The time is now!

Early on in local game store communities, the opportunity for growth and friendship are at it's peak.  If you've been wondering what it's like to play a card game, enjoy utilizing your creative and logical brain, Magic: The Gathering is the game for you!