A Guide for Informative Commentary


Anvil Commentary

Minimum Requirements to be an Anvil Commentator

  • Have played the game in question (or previous games of its kind) in a competitive manner at some point for more than 1 year
    • This means you’ve gone to tournaments regularly for the duration
    • This rule may be flexed for communities that are new or up and coming
    • Must provide proof of this by providing prior brackets and/or placements
  • Must be 17 or older
  • Great communication skills
    • Can be heard clearly
    • Usage of grammar and enunciation a must
  • Must be able to avoid cursing on stream.

Additional Skills

  • Twitch Streamer or YouTube content creator with 6+ months of 100 or more viewers a plus
  • Previous experience casting at other tournaments
  • Portfolio of prior commentary experience

Perks: Free water throughout the duration of your casting. During ad plugs, if you have a twitter, twitch, YouTube – plug yourself. We want to help you gain clout. It’s only fair since you’re helping the community!   Venue waiver.

As a commentator: We expect our commentators to cast for 3 hours before initiating venue waivers. Commentators that commentate during the last 2 hours of the tournament will also receive venue reimbursement. 

Long term: We expect this to eventually allow us to pay commentators. After all, you’re doing a job for the community. This will have to come at the consensus that the community is OK for us to raise venue so we can employ commentators as part-timers. Additional services come at additional costs.

Commentary Guidelines

  • Stream start: Welcome to Anvil Gaming TV! We’re coming at you live from {venue}. This is {your name} and joining me today is {co-commentator name}.
  • Be natural but keep commentating after this about the game or the players on stream.
  • During stage/character select screens: Discuss previous match. Player habits. Player strengths. Player weaknesses. Player data: AKA Player stats. See Braacket section. Keep this respectful and clean. No trash talking or meme-posting.
  • Every hour on the hour, between sets: Ad plugs – The venue currently hosting the Anvil event. Anvil tournament schedule. 
  • During game play: Game play and predictive player decisions. Options that players can choose during certain situations. Player habits. Player strengths. Player weaknesses. Keep this respectful and clean. No trash talking or meme-posting. 

Use Braacket as a Commentary Tool


There is a lot of really great information that you can find on specific players and player stats that can be found in the braacket to help you improve your commentary. Examples below: 


Example scenario: “AF | Iota vs. AG | SciFire”

Commentator 1: And up next on AF Iota will be going head to head with AG SciFire. Both players have tremendous talent, with SciFire being part of the home team here at Anvil in Richmond.

Commentator 2: Iota of course, traditionally being the dominant player in this head-to-head. Iota is currently ranked #1 amongst players here at Anvil while also being the most consistent. 


Commentator 1: That’s right [Commentator 2]. Some quick history shows Iota normally pulls out in Top 3 here at Anvil, with his worst tournament being at Anvil Smash #7 back in January.

Commentator 2: For sure. Although it looks like Iota may have to face Naytro if he wins this set. Traditionally Iota has his worst record against Naytro having a win rate of 33%.