The Road to a New Beginning

We’d like to thank Chan for the work that he’s put into The Forge to keep the dream alive and for providing us all a “home away from home” for the past several years. Marcus, Kelsey, Robin, and myself wish Chan the best in this upcoming chapter in his life and wish him a speedy recovery.
To our community: You may be asking, “What does this change mean to me?”. And I’d answer that with “Nothing…yet”. Day 1, nothing will change. All prices remain the same, all of the product will remain the same, however you may see an influx in the number of events and tournaments that the team (Kelsey, Marcus, and Robin) and I are working on. As we come together to discuss the future of the business, we’ll be reaching out to all of you to gather community feedback on ideas and execute against those that line up with our vision while maintaining The Forge’s reputation and integrity. We look forward to bringing the community some very exciting changes in the future!

I look forward to this next chapter in The Forge’s future and sharing in that experience with all of you. Please feel free to reach out to me, personally, or on The Forge’s Facebook account and we’ll get back as quickly as possible.

****For anyone that would like to help Chan financially, you can go to his GoFundMe page below to help him through this hardship****