What do you sell?

Board games, anime product (plushies, hats, shirts, key chains, lanyards, patches, and stickers), gaming products (GameCube controllers, previous generation Forge PCs, lanyards, play mats and mouse pads, among other TCG products).

Do you offer price matching?

Within reason.  If it’s something that makes sense (Target, Best Buy, Amazon, AND Wal-mart all have item X being sold at Y price), then we’ll certainly price match.  If there’s a scenario where Amazon is marking the value down too low and for a short period of time for a limited-time sale, probably not.  Ask an employee.  We’re happy to work with our customers.

Do you have gift cards for purchase?

Not at the moment, however if we get enough demand for them, we’ll certainly give it a shot.  We like the idea of gift cards a lot, but haven’t seen much in the way of demand.

How many computers do you own?

12 in total.  10 on the production floor.  1 in the process of being built for the floor, and the stream PC we use for streaming our tournaments.

What’s your standard build look like?

  • I5 6600k
  • H110M Grenade MSI board
  • NVIDIA GTX1060
  • Corsair H60 Hydro Series
  • 2x4GB HyperFury RAM
  • 250GB SSD
  • 650w Power Supply

Do you have your own store accounts and/or licenses for use if I come in to play on PC/console?

We have two Overwatch accounts for those that haven’t already bought the game.  We don’t, however, have accounts or licenses at this time for competitive games.  We do have them downloaded.  So as long as you own the game yourself, you can come into the store at any time and play your favorite games. (Please see available game list).

If I wanted to host an event at your location, how best to go about it?

Contact us.  You can check the prices on the Pricing Table up in the menu area.  If you want to book your appointment, give us a call and keep in touch the closer we get to that day’s event.

It’s my son/daughter’s birthday and we’d like to rent the space.  Do you offer such an arrangement?

Absolutely.  Make sure you check the Pricing Table in the menu area and make sure the price is up your alley.  If so, give us a call and keep in touch the closer we get to that day’s event.

I want to run a podcast out of The Forge.  Can you help me?

Sure thing.  Talk to Josh (owner) about how best to do this.