Street Fighter 5 Runbacks

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Date(s) - 02/08/2018
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Forge


System: PS4
Controllers: BYOC (bring your own controller). I must emphasize you really should bring your own controller and not rely on other people (including me!). Thanks in advance for coming prepared!

Tournaments will be double elimination based on attendance. If there are fewer than 8 participants it will likely be round robin style (everyone plays everyone at least once).

Matches are best 2/3 games, 2/3 rounds. Loser may switch characters between games.

Pausing the game for any reason (including your controller malfunctioning) results in a round loss.

If the game pauses or crashes beyond the players’ control, my best judgement will be used. If it is impossible to resume the game where the round left off, the entire game will be replayed with the same characters/ultras/etc.

The only exception to pausing the game is to report a rule violation that occurs during the match (eg the monitor blipped in the middle of the match). If you wish to report a gameplay violation (illegally switching characters, etc.) it must be reported before the game starts.

The number one rule is to have fun and be a good sport.

Disruptive behavior such as: excessive trash talking, slamming your fist/controller, excessive contact with other players, or using offensive language including racial slurs will NOT be tolerated.

You will receive ONE warning for being a dick.
The second offense will result in a match forfeiture.
Anything beyond that and you will be asked to leave the store and forfeit any prizes you may have been awarded.

Bottom line, use your best judgement and act like an adult.