Anvil Smash Tournament

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Date(s) - 12/03/2017
11:00 am - 10:00 pm

The Forge


11 AM Doors Open
1:00 PM Smash 4 Doubles Signups End
1:30 PM Smash 4 Doubles Starts
3:00 PM Smash 4 Singles Signups End
3:30 PM Smash 4 Singles Starts


$10 per team (Doubles)
$5 Entry
$5 Venue

Pot Split (applies to both singles and doubles):
1-9 entrants: 70/30
10-24 entrants: 60/30/10
25-49 entrants: 50/25/15/10
50+ entrants: 48/22/14/8/4/4

If you have a Wii U we can always use more for the tournament. We currently have 2 Wii U’s plus Smash 4 at the Venue, one of which is the Stream setup. If you bring a system, you are responsible for making sure that you bring (and take home) all applicable cables.

SETUPS NEED TO HAVE ALL DLC CHARACTERS AND DREAM LAND! At this point you should try to have a Nintendo brand Gamecube adapter for your setup – they’re widely available for reasonable prices, and the third-party adapters can have issues.

All controller types are welcome. If you have a wireless controller, please make sure it is not synced once you are done playing. If you have a Wii Remote, please take a battery out when you are not at a setup! Consistent gameplay interruptions may cause DQ.

All tournament entrants are expected to watch the bracket and be aware of any upcoming matches that they may need to play. When a match is called, both players should report to the assigned station within 10 minutes – if the game has not started after that point, players are subject to forfeiting games and/or the set at the TO’s discretion.

All attendees should clean up after themselves, and properly discard of all trash they create or bring into the venue. Additionally, all attendees are expected to respect their fellow competitors and the venue.
Stock and time are set to 2 stock and 6 minutes for Singles
Stock and time are set to 3 stock and 8 minutes for Doubles
Handicap: Off
Team Attack: On
Damage Ratio: 1.0x
Items: Off and None
Pause: Off
Custom Fighters and Custom Moves are set to off
All DLC characters are legal
Mii Fighters are legal. Each setup will have 1-1-1-1 Mii Brawlers/Swordsmen/Gunners available for use (Using Default A Mii). No other specials for Mii Fighters will be allowed. Players are not allowed to transfer existing Miis to a setup. In the case of doubles, Default Guest Miis should be picked to match the color of the team you are playing on.

Set Procedure:
Players select their characters. Either player may elect to do Double Blind Character Selection (see section 1.4)
Use Starter Stage Striking to determine the first stage
The players play the first match of the set
Winning player of the preceding match strikes a stage (when applicable).The losing player of the preceding match picks a stage for the next match
The winning player of the preceding match may choose to change characters.
The losing player of the preceding match may choose to change characters.
The next match is played.
Repeat Steps 4 through 8 for all subsequent matches until the set is complete.

Anyone who is not present for their match by 15 minutes past the scheduled start time is subject to a total disqualification from the event.

Stage List

Starter Stages
Final Destination**
Town and City
Lylat Cruise

Counterpick Stages

Dream Land 64*
Omega Stages**

Stage Clause (you can’t pick the LAST stage you won on)

* Treated as Battlefield in striking phase. If Battlefield is banned, Dream Land 64 is also banned and vice-versa.
** Treated as Final Destination in striking phase. If Final Destination is banned, Omega Stages are banned and vice versa. All Omega Stages are legal as counterpick until further notice, as we voted on that as a community.

Team Colors: Players’ character colors must match their team’s color when possible, to avoid confusion (ex: Luigi on the green team must use the green costume).

All controllers are acceptable for this event.

Gentleman’s Clause: In the case where both players agree to play on a banned stage , then it is legal to play on for that set.

If there are any more questions for rules, with the exception of allowed omega stages we’re following the suggested rule set.