28 hour All Nighter and Overwatch Event on May 6

In celebration of the Overwatch Open Beta Weekend, we will be hosting a 28 hour event from 6pm Friday to 10pm Saturday!!!

* All you can game on the PC’s and Consoles (The forge has 2 X1, 2 PS4, 2 Wii U, 2 360, 1 Wii, 1 GC, 1 N64, 1 Dreamcast, and 10 PC’s on hand at all times).

No set schedule of events, just come and play video games, pc games, card games, board games, Boss Monster, ect.

We will have some Subs as we always do!

* $10 Venue
—- This will also cover the venue for the Pokken and Hearthstone Tourney’s!!!

* Event starts at 6pm Friday and will end at 10pm Saturday.

* Entire event will be streamed using player and sky cams

* You can come and go as you please, you are not actually locked in the building or required to be thier at a certain time. :)